School Books
Classical Studies
A Guide to Classical Studies
by Nash, Edna / Folens
Price: €10.00
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Aeneid Book VI (transl. S. Heaney) NON-REFUNDABLE
by Faber&Faber
Price: €15.00
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Alexander The Great Selections From Arrian
by Lloyd, JG
Price: €22.00
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Electra and Other Plays (transl. Raeburn) NON-REFUNDABLE
by Sophocles
Price: €12.50
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Greek Prose Composition NON-REFUNDABLE
by North, M. A.
Price: €31.00
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Medea and Other Plays (Transl. Vellacott)
by Euripides / Penguin Classics
Price: €12.00
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Prometheus Bound (transl. Vellacott)
by Aeschylus / Penguin Classics
Price: €14.50
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The Age Of Alexander (Transl. by Scott-Kilvert)
by Plutarch
Price: €22.50
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The Campaigns Of Alexander (Transl. by Selincourt)
by Arrian / J R Hamilton / Penguin
Price: €15.00
More Info
The Conquest of Gaul (transl. J. Gardner) NON-REFUNDABLE
by Julius Caesar
Price: €14.00
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The Odyssey (transl. E. Wilson)
by WW Norton
Price: €17.50
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The Odyssey - A Graphic Novel NON-REFUNDABLE
by Hinds, Gareth / Candlewick Press
Price: €18.50
More Info
The Republic By Plato
by Plato / Translated By Desmond Lee
Price: €13.50
More Info
The Theban Plays (transl. Watling)
by Sophocles / Penguin Classics
Price: €11.50
More Info
Three Theban Plays (transl. R. Fagles)
by Sophocles/Penguin Classics
Price: €13.50
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