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Science Solutions 2nd edition

Science Solutions 2nd edition

by DCG Solutions
Barcode: 9780993253751
Price: €19.95
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Key Features:

- The resources comprehensively cover each contextual strand of the new syllabus, addressing all Learning Expectations.- Videos, Animations and PHET simulators are included throughout the package to enhance the learning experience and cater for all learning styles.

- Each book includes Activity Sheets, Questions Sheets and Essential chapter information. All content is explained and expanded within the accompanying E-book.

- Engage in revision or self-assessment with interactive quizzes for each chapter.

- Complete range of Extra Teacher Resources including:Assessment Time Sheets include a variety of sample exam questions.

Interactive Solutions to all assessments & questions.

Student Expectations & Key Skills Development Checklist.

Chapter Schemes & Lesson Plans.

Additional Classroom-based activities.

Perfect for:

- Daily use within the classroom

- Individual Learning

- Essential Exam Revision


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