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Time to Move

Time to Move

by Gill
Barcode: 9780717188185
Price: €14.95
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Written by two highly experienced teachers, Time to Move provides everything you need for Junior Cycle PE.

Fully complies with NCCA-designated CBA assessments

Learning Outcomes explicitly lead the activities

Closely aligned to Junior Cycle Wellbeing Guidelines and Indicators

A variety of engaging Individual, Group and Class Activities help students develop different elements of the Junior Cycle Key Skills in a meaningful way

Clear templates assist in preparing and conducting CBAs in each strand

PE Passport section, which allows for personal record-keeping and reflection

Opportunities for peer- and self-assessment, using SMART improvement goals

Embraces the spirit of the Junior Cycle Framework with a focus on Active and Inclusive Learning

The Time to Move package includes:

Time to Move Teacher’s Resource Book, which provides: invaluable support and planning, with detailed schemes of work; accurate guidelines on conducting CBAs and allocating Assessment Descriptors; and tips and solutions for each of the student-book activities

A suite of digital resources, including invaluable and unique video CBA exemplars, online quizzes and carefully chosen weblinks

FREE eBook of the textbook with weblinks and quizzes: see inside front cover for details. Adopting teachers also enjoy access to a FREE eBook of the Teacher’s Resource Book. Gill Education eBooks are accessible both online and offline.


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