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Exploring Geography (Incl. Workbook)
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Exploring Geography (Incl. Workbook)

by Catherine Turley / Fallons
Barcode: 9780714427027
Price: €27.95
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Exploring Geography comprehensively covers the Leaving Cert geography syllabus, and focuses on key areas of the Leaving Certificate exam at Higher and Ordinary levels. It will also give you a passion for the world around you, and will encourage you to be curious about the physical and human environment long after you have completed your Leaving Certificate exam.

Exploring Geography is a bright, well-illustrated textbook with a balanced blend of diagrams, maps, photographs, satellite images, statistical data, up-to-date case studies and the most recent census data (2016).

Simplified maps and two-dimensional diagrams have been included so as to assist you in making more use of diagrams in all areas of the course, and will be of enormous benefit to you when preparing for your exam.

The KWL (Know, Want to know, Learned) teaching-and-learning strategy underpins the text. The words that you already know from the Junior Cycle or from your experience activates your prior knowledge. This in turn sparks interest, and even if a topic is challenging, you will be reassured by the fact that you already know something about it.

Mind maps provide summaries at the end of chapters relating to regions. The mind maps focus on primary, secondary and tertiary economic activities so as to aid revision and exam preparation.

Exploring Geography is accompanied by a workbook, the Geographer’s Journal; it encourages independent learning and will enable you to build an invaluable study aid in preparation for the Leaving Certificate exam.


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