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Geography in Action - Junior Cycle Geography PLUS Portfolio and Activity Book

Geography in Action - Junior Cycle Geography PLUS Portfolio and Activity Book

Barcode: 9781912239412
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The New Geography in Action package is written specifically to cater to the requirements of the new Junior Cycle Geography Specification.

New Geography in Action encourages students ‘to explore the physical world, human activities, how we interact with our world and to recognise the interconnections between systems’ (Junior Cycle Geography Specification).

Textbook includes:

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The first page of every chapter offers students a short introduction to what they are about to study and an ice-breaker activity to encourage engagement.

Creative pair- and group-work activities and video lessons appear throughout.

Graded questions and self-assessment checks after every topic help students to monitor their progress.

Up-to-date and relevant Case Studies bring Geography to life for students.

Chapters end with a revision summary, a sample answer, questions and a visual summary.

A Key Words section and a Maps section (with physical and political maps of Ireland, Europe and the World) are included at the back of the book.

Topics are presented in awell-paced and structured sequence and clear simple language is used throughout.

The New Geography in Action - Portfolio and Activity Book is a double-sided book so students can keep all of their work safely in one place.

The Portfolio helps students to develop their skills for CBAs 1 and 2. It is a place where they will be able to:

create fantastic examples of their work

reflect on their learning and their use of the Junior Cycle Key Skills

complete self-assessment checklists

develop action plans based on their self-assessment.

The Activity Bookcontains a wide range of additional exercises based on the textbook chapters. Activities include matching exercises, labelling and drawing diagrams, working with key terms and short-answer questions.


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